Former Green Bay Packers Players Tackle Indie Comedy About Avid Fans A handful of Green Bay Packer football players are now going for their close-ups.Arizona Cardinals Jerseys. Fullback John Kuhn and former right tackle Mark Tauscher,Denver Broncos Jersey, running back Ahman Green and defensive end Michael Montgomery — along with former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell are co-starring in an indie comedy about an avid fan whose home literally lines the parking lot of the famed Lambeau field (home of the Packers).Cowboys Store. And,Giants Store, it’s a true story in time for the kick-off of the September football season.Packers Store. The project,Panthers Store, The 60-Yard Line,Patriots Store, is based on the life a friend of filmmaker Ryan Churchill.Dion Lewis Jersey. The story follows Ben “Zagger” Zagowski and Nick “Polano” Polano who are best friends and co-workers and buy a house whose back door is right up against the parking lot of the stadium.12th Fan Jersey. One is forced to pick between a football fan party life and a girl.Javon Hargrave Jersey. “Beer is consumed. Lives change. There’s a cow.” is the film’s tagline. The guys all play themselves and are in more than one scene with speaking roles